Winghaven Documents

Exhibit C of the Declaration of Covenants provides Winghaven Residents with a complete list of the development’s Initial Use Restrictions.  Use restrictions govern the use of property, activities, and conduct within the Residential Property.  This document can be viewed or downloaded from:

  • EXHIBIT_C_-_Initial_Use_Restrictions
  • The WROA Rules and Regulations Handbook was developed by the WROA Board of Directors to provide Winghaven Residents information on the most common referenced clauses from the Declaration of Covenants, the Initial Use Restrictions, and is used to document all Board approved rules that are not referenced in the Declaration or Initial Use Restrictions.  This document can be viewed or downloaded from:
  • WROA Rules and Regulations as of 10-19-09

Section VIII of the WROA Rules and Regulations Handbook is where all Board Approved Rules are documented.  It is a subset of the Rules and Regulations Handbook that can provide Winghaven Residents with a quick reference to any new or modified rules.  Board-adopted Rules and Regulations help establish administrative procedures for internal Association governance and operating procedures for use of the Common Area and property included within the Area of Common Responsibility.  Each rule has an effective date that the language was last modified.  This document can be viewed or downloaded from:

Are you a Winghaven Resident that is interested in participating in the Community Garden program?  In order to participate, you will need to submit an application and agreement to the Committee.  This document can be viewed or downloaded from:

Do you want to reserve a pavilion at the WingHaven Park and Garden for your next outdoor party? Fill out the request form and send it or e-mail Mike Wilson at CMA. Once it is reserved with CMA, we will notify you to place a reserved form on the pavilion the day of your event. Please remember to keep our park clean and free of litter!


IMPORTANT:  The WingHaven Residential Owners Association does its best to keep the above list of documents updated and available for our residents, but the Saint Charles County Recorders office remains the source for official recorded documents.

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