Role of the WROA

The Winghaven Residential Owners Association Purpose:

To uphold the association’s duties and responsibilities as set forth by the “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Winghaven Residential Property (“Declarations”), the “By-Laws of Winghaven Residential Owners Association, Inc.” (“By-Laws”), and the Rules and Regulations of the Winghaven Residential Owners Association (Rules). To continually ensure that our neighborhood is dutifully served in regards to the follow through of the Declarations, By- Laws, and Rules.

  • Create long- and short-term goals and plans to better the community, keeping in mind fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Take an active part in implementing these plans while helping the committees realize their goals.
  • Be the forum for the creation of new policies, guidelines, and procedures.
  • Promote community involvement through volunteer committees.
  • Provide unity and a spirit of neighborhood through structure and support.
  • Produce the innovations, creativity, and leadership for the implementation of these ideas.
  • Maintain neighborhood standards and keep the image “first class” so as not to risk the decline of market value or lack of neighborhood participation.
  • Keep the standards high so there will be no question as to the integrity or decisions of the Board.
  • Work toward helping neighbors in a neighborly, diplomatically and informational way.
  • Encourage discussion with neighbors as to their opinions on the pertinent issues. Get the broad perspective as to the desires of the neighborhood before casting votes.
  • Keep confidential board information – confidential. Do not discuss confidential board information with family, neighbors or friends.

The Winghaven Residential Owners Association Mission:

To meet or exceed homeowner’s expectations in areas that will increase community awareness and promote neighborhood participation.

The Winghaven Residential Owners Association Vision:

To have a neighborhood with “first class” standards and community involvement in which to raise families with the most opportunities for social relationships and high-minded interaction.

The Winghaven Residential Owners Association Values:

Maintain properties and to create more value in the community through committee objectives. Cooperate with neighbors to enrich our community and common areas through interactive events.

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