About Us


WingHaven® is a crossroads of engagement driven by McEagle’s LifeWorks™ concept – the integration of living, learning, working and playing. LifeWorks™ serves as a powerful counterweight to lives that are often multi-tasked into isolation. It nurtures an emerging creative class coveted by companies that see human capital as their greatest “edge.” Neighborhoods are intertwined with 500 acres of green space and laced with numerous playgrounds for children. A town center called Boardwalk Market Place binds the community with its pedestrian-oriented assembly of shops reminiscent of small town America. A variety of homes with beckoning streetscapes encourage residents to interact. Recreational connections abound with more than six miles of walking and biking trails and the WingHaven® Country Club.


The Winghaven Residential Owners Association (WROA) exists for the betterment of the WingHaven® neighborhood. It has evolved and will continually improve through direct input from its directors and member homeowners.


The WROA has been in existence since the first home was built within WingHaven® , but under the voting control of the residential developers until July 1, 2004. In July 2004, two residents were elected as “at-large” Directors by the 2004 Voting Members based on the percentage of homes sold. In March 2005 based on 75% of the planned homes being sold, the structure of the Board was modified per the Declaration to include six “Resident” Directors that represent specific villages and one “Declarant” Director that continues to represent the residential developers. So as of March 2005, control of the Association was officially turned over to the residents to manage. In February 2004, Community Property Managers (CMA) was hired by the Association as our Community Property Management Company. CMA serves as the first point of contact for all resident questions. In November 2004 WROA established our first official committee. Five residents were selected to sit on our Architectural Review Committee. In August 2005 our Grounds Committee was established to insure the WingHaven® community remains a premier living experience as it relates to the common grounds condition and appearance.

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