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Parking dialog to clarify the rules.

  1. There is no parking allowed on the street in WingHaven.
  2. There are exceptions which will allow for some temporary street parking.
    1. When you are having home services performed. The workers may park on the street.
    2. When you are having a party for a graduation, birthday, holidays and so on.
      Technically the indentures state the following….   Upon request, the board may permit temporary parking on streets or other areas of the Residential property for public or private social events or other permitted activities.  Please give the board a minimum of 1 week notice.
  3. Visitor parking is allowed. This should be limited to no more than 5 hours.
    Your visitors must exhaust all parking spots on driveway first.
  4. A visitor is not someone who comes every day or several times per week.
  5. The board can allow for other street parking like daily medical visits and handicap issues.
    These exceptions must be cleared thru the board.
  6. Overnight parking is strictly prohibited.
  7. There are RV rules with a very limited time period.
  8. No parking on any WingHaven street during a snow storm.

The parking rules are in place for safety, traffic flow and property values.


Helpful Information on New Security Cameras

  • The cameras will only read incoming traffic at our entrances to WingHaven.
  • They will capture license plate numbers, make, model and color of car.
  • They do not take video; only a snapshot.
  • This info is sent to a cloud.
  • The info is saved for 30 days and then is automatically deleted.
  • There is no one sitting at a monitor viewing these cameras.
  • Any resident can have their license plate information automatically kicked out of the system; this means if you don’t want the cameras to capture you, just opt out. Instructions on how to opt out will be provided upon request.
  • Flock is the largest community security system company in the U.S.
  • Flock is widely used by communities in Cobb County, Georgia. Soon after they installed cameras, those Cobb County communities experienced crime reduction of ~60%

Who will access the license plate information?

  • Access to the information captured by the cameras is available only to the President and Vice President of the WROA, and the O’Fallon Police Department Detective Division. WROA officials have access only because the WROA owns the Flock contract and needs to ensure that the cameras are working properly. Credentials will change and this access will be passed on when their board terms expire.
  • The O’Fallon Police Department Detective Division has agreed to use info on an as needed basis; they will only access the system for serious crimes such as stolen cars, burglaries, abductions, Amber alerts and so forth. Therefore, when detectives are working a case they will be the only department accessing the info.

In closing, please know that over 100 WingHaven residents were polled; initially, some expressed concerns about privacy. However, after they understood these premises, they were supportive of our security initiative:

  1. how the cameras work,
  2. that there is no real-time monitoring, and
  3. that the only access to the information captured will be on an as needed basis by the Detective Division of the O’Fallon Police Department.

This initiative adds a greater level of protection to WingHaven residents and property. It adds value to the WingHaven community.

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