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Updated September 1, 2015

Dear WingHaven neighbors

The WROA Board of Directors have recently been advised that some of our residents have been approached by a business that goes by the name of “Priceless Gardens”. They are using a postcard that is titled, “WingHaven Tree Replacement Program”.

The advertising is deceptive because it could lead one to believe that the business and the “Tree Replacement Program” is sanctioned/recommended by the WROA. This business is not sanctioned by the Board of Directors nor can the Board support the information it presents.

Please pass this information on to your neighbors. WingHaven neighborhood Voting Members are also receiving a similar notification.


WROA Board of Directors

Ash Trees
Mycosphaerella Leaf Spot

WingHaven Ash Trees are experiencing premature defoliation due to fungi. There are many Websites that provide in-depth information on this fungi. A few comments are quoted below from different sources. The Mo. Dept. of Conservation visited WingHaven and identified the above fungi as the cause of the defoliation. Infection is more common in wet conditions rather then drier. The prediction is that trees will come back with no problems. O Fallon City Landscape Dept. was also consulted.

“We often see a great deal of Mycosphaerella leaf spot on ash trees in areas that had wet summers. This year is no exception. Small, brown spots can enlarge to become blotches and may result in early leaf drop. Though this disease looks serious, it is not. Defoliation this late in the growing season will not hurt the health of the tree. Therefore, because this disease appears sporadically and tree health is not harmed, we do not recommend treatment. Furthermore, treatment would have to be preventative and applied before the disease had infected the leaves. Applying a fungicide now would have no effect.” (K-State Horticulture)

“A wet summer often produces an outbreak of Mycosphaerella leaf spot on ash trees, Upham said. It displays itself in small brown spots that can grow to blotches and can cause a tree to drop its leaves early. It may look bad, but it does not hurt a tree, he said.” (John C. Pair Horticulture)

*At the 21 September Board of Directors meeting, Mr Mark Grueber, Community Forester with the Mo. Dept. of Conservation, has been invited to speak to us about this particular fungi. To learn more about Mycosphaerella please mark your calendar and plan to attend on 21 Sept, 6PM, Air-Evac bldg. first floor conference room.

The WROA Board met with the O’Fallon City Police Dept. leadership on 7 July 2015 to discuss vandalism. The Board decided it is in the best interests of the WingHaven Community to offer a reward for the prosecution of vandals. The language reads:

“The WingHaven Residential Owners Association (WROA) is offering up to a $1,000.00 reward for the information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the person/persons responsible for any vandalism in WingHaven.  If you have information regarding vandalism or suspicious activity call the O’Fallon Police Department” or Detective Dean Frye at 636-379-5579”

Furthermore, the Police made a point to mention that the city has a curfew ordinance. (see Nextdoor category titled Documents for the O’Fallon City Curfew Ordinance)

The Police pointed out from their records that WingHaven residents are active in calling in suspicious activity. This is strongly encouraged and they complimented the community for taking an active role. Keep it up. Our Neighborhood Watch Program volunteers were also complimented.

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) update, 8-3-2015

Data collection is complete on WROA Common Ground.  The results will be reported by the Grounds Committee at the August 17 WROA Board Meeting at 6:00 PM.

WingHaven EAB volunteers met on 27 June at 9:00am and received EAB data collection training. The volunteers were assigned specific WingHaven locations to survey for infestation, document , and evaluate the condition of Ash Trees using a GEO mapping link. This phase of the project is focused on WROA common ground. The teams target completion date is mid-July.

Thank you volunteers for your commitment and motivation. I appreciate your willingness to step forward.   Thank you to Grounds Committee Chair Mr. Charles Nager for leading the training session.

If you see someone staring at an Ash Tree and holding a device….stop and ask how the process works.   (Go to WROA.info, under Explore our Site, for more info on the EAB project)

WingHaven Voting Members and Group,  rev. May 20, 2015

WROA Presidents Message, February 2015
WROA Presidents Message, March 2015
WROA Presidents Message, July 2015

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A great big “thank you” goes out to our corporate sponsors who have helped make the events this summer bigger and better!!!

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