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Do you want to reserve a pavilion at the WingHaven Park and Garden for your next outdoor party? Fill out the request form and send it or e-mail Ingrid Schaefer at CMA. Once it is reserved with CMA, Ingrid will notify you to place a reserved form on the pavilion the day of your event. Please remember to keep our park clean and free of litter! Thank you.

    Opportunities to Volunteer

The Beautification Committee, chaired by Dale Kling, offers a great opportunity to become involved in the planning, guidance, and action necessary to achieve WingHaven’s Beautification goals. Please contact Dale at dalekling@gmail.com.


 An Events Committee chaired by Carol Cross needs people to be Event Managers and committee members for advertising, marketing, and events.  There are opportunities to help in any way that interests you.  It’s an excellent way to become involved and get to know your neighbors on a deeper level.  Interested?  Contact us at eventswec10@yahoo.com

 An Architectural Committee, chaired by Ken Albridge, meets on the first Wednesday of every month.  This committee creates and oversees the WingHaven Architectural Guidelines.

 Interested in joining the Neighborhood Watch Program in WingHaven? Contact Veronica Grimes  veegrimes@yahoo.com,  Dale Kling dalekling@gmail.com, or Jack Bilow communitywatch@rocketmail.com, and sign up to be a member of this important program!   The WingHaven Neighborhood Watch is now using a private online network called Nextdoor WingHaven.   On our nextdoor.com site, neighbors share crime reports, suspicious activity, ideas about how to improve safety and precaution tips. Please register online and become a member of the WingHaven Neighborhood Watch.

National Night Out has been rescheduled for Tuesday, August 5, 7-10 pm   Interested in volunteering?  Contact Dale Kling, dalekling@gmail.com.


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